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Promising PracticesIf the computer is truly a tool for learning, then how can technology help students read and write? This was the basic question Teaching Matters asked when New York City ’s new Balanced Literacy curriculum was announced last year. Promising Practices is the program Teaching Matters created as an answer.

Thanks to the generosity of the Citigroup Foundation, ten elementary schools participated in Balanced Literacy and Technology: Promising Practices in 2003 – 2004. Schools worked with Teaching Matters to integrate technology with the key components of Balanced Literacy, and create general strategies and practical but effective lessons to be shared with other teachers. The result was a shift in how teachers teach and students learn, empowering them to master the building blocks of literacy.

Exemplary practices from these schools have been compiled in the form of a school-friendly guide now available online at www.teachingmatters.org/literacy for all teachers to use in their Balanced Literacy classrooms. Support from the Leon Lowenstein Foundation is contributing to this offering. 

Promising Practices met with such success that Citigroup has renewed its support for the next two years. In addition to building on strategies found to be most effective in elementary classrooms, Teaching Matters will use the project period to develop a program for middle schools.

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