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Digidoc StudentsEat your heart out Ken Burns, students in the Bronx are taking their curriculum to the silver screen through a program created by Teaching Matters called Digital Documentaries. The Bronx Borough President, Adolfo Carrión Jr., provided schools with laptops, camcorders and a challenge to create the best Public Service Announcement or local documentary about their community.

Students in grades 5 – 12 will research, direct, and produce their own video examining local issues or historical events while focusing on social studies and language arts requirements. Teaching Matters will be managing the training for the program as well as a culminating Bronx Film Festival to showcase student projects.

Mr. Carrión challenged students: “Video is a powerful tool and I know that wonderful things will happen when we put the camera in your hands…the Bronx is full of great stories waiting to be told and I am pleased to be able to offer your classroom a few tools to make this possible.”

Over the next two years 40 schools will participate in Digital Documentaries. Through filmmaking students will acquire an understanding of the power of good questions and high level thinking. The program will also be emphasizing skills students will need in all subject areas – literacy, content analysis, communication and perseverance. Research has shown that the use of digital technology in a multitude of content areas can enhance student achievement by addressing introductory and advanced skills, assessing student progress, and motivating students.*

Digital Documentaries is funded by the Helena Rubinstein Foundation and The Sparkplug Foundation.

If you would like more information about bringing Digital Documentaries to your school, please email jcondliffe@teachingmatters.org


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